Linggo, Disyembre 23, 2012

Richert: The Overly Done Steak

Today is the twenty second day of December and I just got 27 years old today, geez... this is a picture of me and my beautiful wife Emery Ballesteros, the 1st Bb. Liboganon of Baranggay Liboganon, Tagum City. I am very tired and I just came home from work. I wasn't really expecting anything special aside from the fact that it was my birthday. All of us were born in December. My wife was born on December 5, Sando our son was born on December 10 so I was not expecting a lot of food to celebrate on my birthday. My wife surprised me with a beef steak with stir fried veges in melted butter! We never had beef in our house because I am the only beef eater in the house. She's served me with pancit, barbecue, the buttered veges & most importantly the overly done steak! Thank You Babe for the effort and for remembering my day. I Love You...

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