Linggo, Mayo 19, 2013

Travels: Mangrove Forest

Come and visit Tagum City's lush Mangrove Forest, I remember the Liboganon River,
as a feeding ground for deep sea creatures. We use to see stranded turtles, dolphins and whales here. As an estuary, its Wild Mangrove Trees are home to Sea turtles, blue crabs, squids, shrimps, shellfish even sharks have found their way into it not only to feed but to reproduce.

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Former Mayor Rey Uy's project seven years ago included around 95000 hills of Bakhawan mangroves specie planted on the side of the river, they will be growing alongside with centuries-old mangroves, which will provide shelter and spawning ground to birds and the abundant sea creatures.

One will surely be amazed at the marvelous beauty of the waters and how they would glisten under the sun. Under the shade of the mangroves and as the mangroves sways through the fresh cool breeze of the Hanging Amihan (Northeastern Monsoon) one will surely be revitalized. So I strongly reccomend that you visit these forest.

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