Martes, Hunyo 11, 2013

Travels: Tagum City Night Market

Quezon City - I just came back from Tagum City, my good old hometown. This photo reminds me of the
night market, where more than a dozen of barbecue kiosk are lit up cooking juicy chicken or pork barbecue.
A few days ago, my parents and I were eating at this kiosk on the right, with a tarpaulin "Christ", I can't remember exactly what it is. We ordered pecho "chicken leg and wing", "chicken liver and gizzard" barbecue pork. YUM what a treat, the best part is they treat me to that... The difference between my hometown barbecue is it is juicy unlike the dry barbecues here in Manila....

The photo on the right shows Mayor Uy the one wearing a white shirt. Mayor Uy is responsible for the peace and order in my hometown he is like the Mayor Duterte of Tagum City. Mayor Uy performed our Civil Wedding at the 2nd floor of the Magnolia Cafe(just a few steps forward from where the above photo was taken). I got married to my chilhood friend and classmate, a Baranggay Liboganon Beauty Queen, Emery Ballesteros, who happens to be the daughter of the existing Baranggay Liboganon Captain Edwin Ballesteros.

If you are going to drop by Tagum City do not ever miss the night market. And be sure not to eat your lunch before you have this banquet so that you will have enough room to fill for your festive dinner!

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