Biyernes, Hunyo 7, 2013

Travels: The National Highway

As I was browsing the web, I noticed this familiar location, this is the cross section of the Tagum City National
Highway and Pioneer Avenue. On the upper right of this photo is Makulay Restaurant and Mercury Drug, bottom right is a Good Year Tire shop, Top Left is Jollibee and a lot other places, I haven't personally visited yet since they were not yet around in 2002. I left Tagum City in 2002 to pursue my College Bachelor Degree in UP Diliman here in Quezon City.

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I would like to laud the photographer who took this photo. As a Photo Hobbyist, I will soon have lots of similar photos when I go back in my hometown. We will be settling there for good. We want our son to experience the same childhood fun that we did. Free from the influence of DOTA and Assasins Creed.

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