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Services: A Filipino Blogger Organization Proposal

Disclaimer: I am not a member of any party list, political group... I did not receive a copy of the manifesto nor am I part of the manifesto circle. I am not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any prohibited substance in writing this and posting this write-up... I am writing this blog as an individual who seeks progress.

I have read a few blogs about proposals for the Filipino bloggers group, PROS and CONS.. So when you read this blog.. Please open your mind to unlimited POSSIBILITIES...

To begin with, I am completely agreeable on the proposal to create a group because this will help alleviate the current status of Philippine Blogging like what BlogAwards and PEBA has done in the past.

Blogging provides a lot of opportunities for everybody.. Opportunities that most Filipino Bloggers are not aware of.

1. Financial - (Banner Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Bloggers for Hire, Link Ads/Exchange, Network Marketing, Online Contests and Rewards)
2. Knowledge/Information - (A lot on information)  <<<<--- this
3. Acquaintances - (You get to meet a lot of people) <<<--- and this you probably know
4. Promotion (Travel Blogs are a great example)

Here is my proposal and idea in forming the "group".

"My main idea about this blogging group is mainly to:

1. help bloggers avoid libelous posts...
2. help bloggers improve there writing skills
3. help bloggers monetize there blogs for those who want to monetize...
4. introduce to the youth of this generation the importance of blogging...
5. provide opportunities
6. to recognize blogs... fun! fun! fun! 
7. and lastly a "LEGACY", we are a third world country, abused by a lot of corrupt people, let us help the poor...

Imagine this: 
When you look at wiki and search for a town in the Philippines, imagine a blogger contributing to that information
When you look at wikiHow a blogger contributed an idea.. 
When you search for a local bar in Google, bloggers blog about it... HOW COOL IS THAT?

When I was a student I love joining groups, Math Club, Philippine Youth Science Club, National Physics Society, Boy Scouts of The Philippines, Knights of the Altar, Chess Club, Fraternity. So why not create a Blogging Group?

As you can see the bottom line of my idea is Educating Bloggers, not hindering or punishing them in expressing there thoughts.. That's what I have in mind and that's what I am promoting...


The Group should have an umbrella structure in such way that

National Bloggers Association = 1. Judiciary 2.Executive 3. Legislative 4. Research
           the Executive group should consist of a Financial, Auditing and Public/Media Relations
Regional = same structure
City/Municipal = same structure

Judiciary - for instances as duplicate write-ups.. the new blogger should quote a certain paragraph or information and credit the original blogger, writer, speaker whoever he is... The Judiciary team will be the one to receive reports and judge.. "Yah that's a Dupe.." I am not a hypocrite, I am guilty too! If you see a dupe on my blog tell me and I will gladly rewrite it...

Research - Of course you need this as a group, this is for the development of your Group, Researchers can search for events, seminars, contests or anything that would benefit the Group...

The National Structure will not hinder the growth of any Regional, Municipal, Baranggay or School Group because it's main goal is to promote one... it's like organizing a club, anybody can have one, so why not do it nationally?

Code of Ethics should go from legislature to executive and hence be reviewed by the judiciary if you decide to have one.
"Or is there a need for this? As long as the blog isn't about profanity and libelous post it's fine"
Well I guess we kinda have to consider duplicates... blog duplication for me is a crime.. and you would be penalize by Google for duplicating... Yes as a link developer I do see that a lot...

Linkages: Links and associations are a blogger's bread and butter, so my only claim on this is as long as a certain blog has no profanity, cussing and "libelous" content it should be fine..


There should be a certain number of members in order for a group to be recognized initially as a Municipal or City group. There is nothing wrong representing a certain area as long as you have supporters and members who agree in the same rules.

Capability-Building - Empowerment:

Conduct training seminars and workshops for the enhancement of Filipinos’ skills as bloggers. And, conduct other educational activities for the benefit of members as well as non-members


Membership should not be restricted to Filipino Citizens or Nitizens, as long as your blog is of Philippine related content then that should be fine. There should be an entry level - no fee membership for starters, however for an inner circle or elite group an Annual Membership fee should be considered with benefits like:

Elite Benefits:
>>Free Platforms that are not readily available in the market. (wordpress uses optipress for capture landing pages who could help anybody's business)
>>Free Domain and auto-responders
>>Blogging/Advertising Opportunities 

>>I would love to have that, there is nothing wrong for getting an award on what you are so passionate to write about...

If you have your thoughts on these. Please feel free to leave your comment...
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