Huwebes, Agosto 29, 2013

Richert: New Beggining

August 28, 2013 - 2:00AM It was a cold damp morning when I gave my hugs and kisses to my lovely wife, whom I will be leaving in Manila for 2 months. I dropped her off HSBC-HDPP Hub and went to go to the Domestic Airport. It was 3:17AM, when I finally arrived at the Manila Domestic Airport currently NAIA Terminal 4. The airport was not yet busy. There were a few passengers entering the gate, so I was glad. I was confused though, with the new name when the cab driver asked me where I was headed.

Driver: "Sir anong terminal po?" - Which terminal are you going sir?
Me: "Manila Domestic Airport Manong"
Driver: Terminal 4 who ba? - You mean Terminal 4?
Me: "Bakit may ibang tawag na po ba sa Domestic?" - Why is there another name for the Domestic Airport?
Driver: "Yes Sir... Ang Domestic po ay Terminal 4 na ngayon." Yes Sir- The former Domestic Airport is now called Terminal 4.

So I unloaded my package and loaded it in a trolley. I was sure it was more than 40 kilos, but to how much? I was overloaded, I am not sure. So my cargo was weighed and it weighed 70 kilos. I was thinking, I would only have to pay around 400 pesos for my excess bags but to my surprise it was 320 pesos per kilo! So I hurried myself out of the airport and went to APCargo to have my excess 30 kilos delivered to Davao City.

3:45AM I went back in and went to proceed to the Boarding Station. My laptop's camera was uninstalled by accident so I was not able to take a selfie before the flight, my phone's battery is dead as well what a tough way to leave Metro Manila.

My family is relocating back to where we grow up, our homeland Tagum City. We are finally going back to spend some time with our old folks. I am just wishing that I could get a new job as soon as possible. With high hopes, and big dreams our plane landed the Davao City airport. This is it, I told myself, time to start a new life this is finally's "Ang Tagumenyo's New Beggining".

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