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Richert: Call Center Agent: To be or not to be?

This is my take on Sa Call Center Lang Pala Nagtatrabaho by Jepoy...

It has been 7 years since I joined the Call Center Industry and I have finally reached my limits. Longest stay I had was with JP Morgan Chase Bank (3 years) shortest? (3 months). I have been through different LOB's and Fields. Tech Support, Cold-Calling/Telemarketing, Inbound Upselling, Collections, Loss Mitigations, Link Building, Verification of Employment, Insurance Verification, Customer Service....

Yes, a Call Center Agent in the Philippines is currently one of the well compensated jobs in the country, however it is one of the most abused employees in the World. Call Center Agents are discriminated, Are yelled at, are laughed at...

Agent: May I have the model number of your Plasma TV?
Old Caller: "(YELLING)Hey you work so slow, You work like a pregnant chicken, Don't you know the S.P.U.R.S?"
Agent: (Pissed) I do sir but I am more of a M.I.A.M.I fan, and by the way sir may I have the serial number of your unit? it is located at the back of your unit?
Old Caller: See, I am old and the unit is VERY BIG... Let me go out get some help... Let me place you on hold for 30 minutes...

Call Center Agents are also not evenly paid in the Philippines, there are provincial rates and metro rates. So don't think that a Call Center Agent in Davao has the same rate as an agent in Quezon City, they don't. I admit that working in a Call Center Environment has its rewards however, it has its disadvantages. Call Center Agents are prone to:

1. Anemia, since most agents work at night, you have an irregular sleeping pattern thus, agents are prone to Anemia.

2. Stress, stressed at work, at home at work, and yes mostly at work.

3. Paranoia, this applies to agents who have new responsibilities at home(child birth-for first timers, sick relatives, adicted love ones). because you aren't able to keep your celphone inside the work place, you get paranoid thinking what is now happening at home then you look at the clock or your watch thinking 2 hours more till first break, 4 more hours till lunch, 6 more hours till last break and 8 more hours till off.

4. Fatigue, Agents experience fatigue because of lack of sleep and overwork, sometimes you have to go overtime and have to work additional hours just to make sure that SLA or the company's Service Level Agreement with the client is met. SLA is the daily volume that a company has agreed with a particular client.

5. Malnutrition, malnutrition can be over nourished or under nourished, because of stress agents either tend to eat less or eat more unhealthy diet...

6. Alcohol addiction, Agents because of stress, tend to consume alcohol to pass away time.

7. Politics, Even the Call Center Industry has a Corrupt System of Politics.

8. No Philippine Holidays, I hate this as a call center agent for none Philippine Accounts we don't get to enjoy Philippine Holidays because there's work in the US or UK..

There are a bunch of other craps that people don't know about a Call Center Agent's life. So don't ever under estimate what they are doing!

I will be flying back to Davao City, this August 28, 2013 and I am still caught between, to be or not to be, should I go back on the Call Center Industry, am I ready to face the same hell hole I've been to or should I NOT? Probably Yes, Probably No... How about you? What do you think?

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