Biyernes, Agosto 23, 2013

Services: Tagum City Bloggers

I was browsing Facebook like my usual daily routine, and I happen to come across Facebook's search box... I searched for "bloggers who live in Tagum City,Davao" and my search showed 27,680 results of Tagum City Facebook Users who likes blogging. Facebook Graph Search is really wonderful, because it narrowed my search down so easily...

I would like to catch the attention of these Tagumenyo's to join us in creating this group... Let us all have fun blogging. In this group we can share ideas, ask for help and develop our skills not just in blogging but also in web design, SEO and Advertising.

The Tagum City Bloggers is a blogging group devoted to the authentic expression of Tagumenyo voices and perspectives. We are a community of passionate bloggers, dedicated to innovation in online content and distribution, for our beloved hometown Tagum City. We exist to share to online readers the beauty of life living in our hometown!

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