Huwebes, Agosto 15, 2013

Travels: The Bincungan River

As I am writing this blog, flashes of memory from my childhood came unto me. Just like a kaleidoscope,
swimming under the bridge on this river, without my parents or yaya knowing. An improvised fishing rod, a hook, and a nylon waiting for the fish to eat the bait, sitting down on a coconut palm leaf, grabbing unto it while being drag around by friends. Running around while being chased by a wild turkey, riding a carabao on the way to the farm, playing sha-tong, moonlight patintero, tug of war, luthang(sumpak) wars, dampa or rubber band game so many memories.

Time has really changed, the river now has boats w/ tourist, taking photos while they tour down to Baranngay Liboganon's K'gan Tribe Village. My hometown has really developed like my little boy who is now 5 years old. I can't wait to ride one of these river rides, I don't want to be ab alien in my hometown. I can't wait to see the mangrove swamp where we use to swim and catch fish.

I can't wait to bring my son, to these places, I can't wait to see him swim and enjoy the fresh muddy air of the swamp. I can't wait to see him play the old games we play.
I am an advocate of eco-tourism, as a matter of fact I'm an eco-toursit myself. So if you are one of my friends who is reading this blog. Visit my hometown, you will surely love it there.  Cheers! Richert

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