Biyernes, Abril 12, 2013

Travels: The K'gan Tribe

I was raised surrounded by rich Muslim Culture in Baranggay Bincungan Tagum City. One of the Muslim tribes in Tagum City is the K'gan.
The K'gan tribe and village is in Baranggay Liboganon a nearby Baranggay. Baranggay Liboganon is one the Baranggays along the Tangcuan and Liboganon Rivers. It is also one of the destined routes of the Tagum City River Cruise.

The rich Muslim Culture of the K'gan will be showcased by the K'gan Women as visitors dropped by the K'gan Village in Liboganon. You can enjoy watching them as they dance with the sound of the Kulintang and gongs.

Here you can purchase Muslim clothes, ornaments, handicrafts and delicacies at the K'gan village. If interested in bulk orders you can contact me ahead of time to make a reservation.

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