Linggo, Oktubre 12, 2014

Travels: Secdea Beach Resort

Secdea Bech Resort, October 2014, I remembered October 2014 as one of the most rewarding month I had at VXI Global Davao City. I won a P10000 Blitz Headset, P12000 worth of Gift Certificate and P15000 worth of commisions. Damn it was so worth it.

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The top agents celberated at Secdea Beach Resort
We had fun, we played poker, parlor games and we drank, drank and drank not bad at all!

I never had as much fun since I left manila in August 2013.

Secdea is at Brgy. San Isidro, Babak, IGACOS, 8000 Samal, Davao, Philippines and you can contact them at (082)305-2774 or (082)305-4028 or 0923-724-4938 and Davao booking office no. (082)295-7912 You can also e-mail them at

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