Linggo, Marso 3, 2013

Travels: Team Tatel Laguna Invasion

March 3, 3013, Team Tatel invaded Laguna. We had a lot of fun, we had the money because we were the top team, we were the top agents! Boohoo! hahahaha. As you can see that is me the bald guy who has the microphone. I love to sing. I love rock songs alternative and reggae.

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JP Morgan Chase Bank NA is really a wonderful place to work. I will have worked her till I had my retirement. I am on my third year now.

I will surely miss my team mates since I am planning to resign this coming September. How I wish I don't have to leave but I have no choice... I need to go back to my home town so that we can start building our own home. So that my son can finally enjoy the company of his relatives our families.

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