Linggo, Abril 26, 2015

Novels: Doodle Works

Sometimes we were together so often that it felt like we were a couple;
Sometimes days and weeks would go by before we see each other;
But even how many times we fought and quarreled;
We always come back to each other;
Like how alcoholics are drawn to a liquor store after a terrible hangover.

I can't sleep so I mustered to light a cigarette instead, bought a banana cue and a bottle of soda sitting there at the shore thinking. will she ever love me too? Like how she loved the other two? then a voice, reality, struck me. NO SHE WON'T, She said never not ever, a cold wind touched my face as if saying you got to learn to quit Chert. Then a little pain, struck me like a needle, as if telling me, its game over. He's coming back to get her.

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