Linggo, Hunyo 7, 2015

Public Service: Gawad Kalinga

2015 VXI Back to School Gawad Kalinga June 7, 2015  Sunday, we were at the Riverdrive GK Village at Matina, Pangi. It was the Uverse Blue Back to School Gawad Kalinga Activity. It was my second time at Davao City to Join a Gawad Kalinga Activity. We had a lot of fun there. We gave school supplies to grade school students. We had games, we gave some food and snacks. The sun was blistering hot and although it was so hot, seeing the smiles on the childrens faces was more than enough to take away the stress.

The village was small. There were 54 houses built and donated to 54 families who were fire victims at the Sasa wharf in 2004. There were around 50 kids listed in the teachers record who received as beneficiaries for the school supplies, however there were other kids from the neighboring village who attended.

The funds we used came from the VXI Global Picnic award that we received for winning as overall champion at the parlor games on the said activity. P5000.00 was more than enough to give smiles to childrens faces. 

The parents were very supportive and also appreciative. They helped us in giving the food for the kids, They helped in arranging the chairs, the tent, and they provided the mini sound system we used for the said activity. I joined Gawad Kalinga as a volunteer to hopefully find my long lost brother who run away from home back in 2008. I am looking forward to joining more Gawad Kalinga Activities in the future. I would also like to encourage everyone to join us, any small donation will be very much appreciated.

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