Lunes, Hunyo 22, 2015

Travels: Bluejaz Beach Resort

Bluejaz Beach Resort It was Sunday June 22, 2015 Our Division "Power Prime Time" celebrated at Blu Jazz Beach Resort for winning the highest number of DTV Sales. It was a fun weekend escapade which was supposed to destress all of us.

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 The amenities was great except for the fact that the advertised 24/7 phone support is not correct, the amenities was not well maintained and God I would've really enjoyed it if there were "Personnel or Attendants" to talk to.

I admit that the place was breath taking however, the personnel who met us there was unprepared, come to think that we were the only guest for that day.

And one more thing do not ever enter from the back gate... Never! We had fun there though the event was really not well planned, we cooked, and played a lot of Parlor games then my favorite part we drank...

Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark is geographically located at Brgy. Caliclic, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte. In front of the resort can be seen the one of the world’s safest cities i.e., Davao City. Anyone who wish to be enchanted by the resort may either avail the exclusive beach boat ride that is situated at Maryknoll Beachside in Lanang, or go and sail in a barge that is situated at kilometer 11 in Sasa.

I did not know why Trip Advisor ranked it as Class A. but you can check out their website at for more details

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