Lunes, Hunyo 1, 2015

Travels: Banana Beach Resort

THE GLOBAL PICNIC 2015, It was Sunday May 31, 2015 Our company had the yearly awaited event the Global Picnic. This years Global Picnic was held at the Banana Beach Resort at the Hijo Plantation in Madaum, Tagum City. In fairness to the host venue it was breath taking the place really looked great! What could you expect from an Ayala owned company.

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I admit I really enjoyed it there I had fun with the kayak, I never knew I could row a kayak. There was a trampoline though I didn't see it was used. There was an infinity pool, a bar, a spa, horse back riding. But I don't think the activity was well planned.

Banana Beach Tagum has a standard rate of 750 php per head, which is valid for one day. The fee already includes unlimited use of infinity pool and is fully consumable on food and drinks, activities,equipment & other facilities. There are also other activities with corresponding fees.
They have day tours such as:
Forest Tours - Explore Hijos’ great outdoors. Have a walk in the forest and try the 9 hanging bridges.
Twilight Safari – Get a glimpse of wild boars and macaques (monkeys) enjoying their natural habitat.
Plantation Tours – Learn more about agriculture. Try exploring the banana and coconut plantation.
Orchard Tours – Pick your favorite fruit like Lanzones, Durian, Mangosteen, Pomelo, and Rambutan.
River Tours - You can try a river cruise on the Madaum River and enjoy the view of lush mangroves surrounding the river.

I would've enjoyed it more if the activities were more planned more employee engaging. Just like the one at Eden Farm Last Year. So just goodluck to the organizer for the feedback and comments! Cheers.

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