Martes, Hulyo 7, 2015

Services: Tagum City Advertisers

July 7, 2015 - One way to promote your business is to advertise and we all know that the internet is a huge force to reckon with in terms of advertising. Long time ago people look at the white pages to check wich niches, schools, organizations or establishments it would be best to advertise with but now

in order to advertise your company you need to be witty in choosing which website you are going to hook it up with it would be much better to advertise on a local establishment with local readers like Tagum City Bloggers because you would know that most of the time Tagumenyos would read that Blog.

Statistics: Check the websites statistics. Items like visitors, page views, and demographics (where the bloggers readers live, their gender, age, etc.). It’s important to verify this information because website owners can cheat this information, and you don't want throwing money anywhere, unless you want to give it to charity.

SEO and Keyword Information: Is your target website or page, does it match your type of business? Why is this important? Because again you wouldn't want to advertise on website's that would really have readers who would be attracted to click on your advertisement.

Social Proof: Do a little research, search for the website owner, his company his reliability because you wouldn't know that, that website is "fly by night" advertising on parked websites is really not advisable, why? because the author can just delete it. Unlike websites/ companies having their own domain. These domains usually go for a month up to years. So you would be assured that the advertiser would stick into your agreement.

Advertising opportunity: This is a technical term, unlike radio advertising when you get to be mentioned either hourly, daily or per cycle. Websites advertising can be as follows, Banners, text advertising or video posts.
Check the rates and make sure that it matches that websites popularity.

Advertising Policies. Lastly, make sure that before you go and pay the blogger/webdesigner, make sure that you have read and  understood the blogger/webdesigners policies.

So to my fellow Bloggers, be honest it is better to use the regular Google Visitor Counter which shows the exact web statistics rather than pretending to be popular when in fact you are not.

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