Linggo, Agosto 30, 2015

Business: My First Betta Competition

 After a decade since I stopped breeding Bettas, I finally found back my long lost love, Breeding Bettas. I will be joining my first ever Betta Competition with three entries. Can't wait to see the other competitors entries. The competition will be held at my hometown's Rotary Club in Tagum City.  This is in celebration of the Ugmad Festival.The Competition will be on September 4-6, 2015.

Linggo, Agosto 16, 2015

Travels: Matinao Inland Resort Escapade

August 14, 2015 - Friday and were on a split day off that week. I went to Tagum City to come and visit my family. On that that day I brought home a 1.8 liter Kyowa Rice cooker with steamer that I won at work. My mother and father thanked me for it. I also gave them two boxes of Krispy Kreme
assorted doughnuts.  I also bought them a box of pizza which they enjoyed eating. Nothing really compares to see the smile on the faces of your old folks. 

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