Linggo, Agosto 30, 2015

Business: My First Betta Competition

 After a decade since I stopped breeding Bettas, I finally found back my long lost love, Breeding Bettas. I will be joining my first ever Betta Competition with three entries. Can't wait to see the other competitors entries. The competition will be held at my hometown's Rotary Club in Tagum City.  This is in celebration of the Ugmad Festival.The Competition will be on September 4-6, 2015.

I will be joining the competition with three entries, With my main piece the Black Dragon Half Moon Plakat. The Dragon Betta is a member of the Metallics. It has greatly influenced the betta hobbyists and opened doors for many breeders. The metallic betta which made such a prominent mark on the betta hobby, this new variant came hard on its heels. The unique appearance of this so-called "dragon" betta is characterized by a thick, solid silvery/white metallic layer which almost resembles armor. "Dragons" captured the imaginations of betta breeders the world over, leading to the hype that has been humorously termed "dragon fever". 

I have high hopes at the said competition, The competition will be judged thoroughly with several factors. Here are some of the basic areas.

A decade ago I was only breeding Spoon Head Fighting Bettas for fun. Now there are a lot of factors that I have to learn to develop my bettas as a breeder. Here are some of the pointing system used by IBC standards.

I also joined my first Betta Club yesterday and I happen to meet a few members and breeders yesterday.

Wish me Luck Guys!!!! Cheers

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