Lunes, Hunyo 27, 2016

Events: Passion and Fun at its Peak!

It's 12:06 AM and I still can't sleep. My head is bursting with so many ideas. I can't contain so here I am writing on my blog which I haven't touched since January 2016. 

I want to start off by thanking the heavenly father. Lord thank you so much for all the support you have given me in the past years that I have endured. My current partner and the love of my life Jerlyn Avar Manginlaud who supported me in the past six months - happy monthsary!. I would also like to thank everyone who supported me and the events that I am a Cuber Organized. I would like to thank Jasper Montero, my business partner and classmate since elementary. I would like to thank the Philippine Cubers Association - Davao for all the support. Guys we have created so many records since we started. We have also inspired so many kids and cubers out there. I wish we will still be able to create many records along the way. In the past six months we have built a new company, the I am a Cuber Enterprise slowly we are recovering from our initial investment.

Passion and Fun at its Peak. Yes that is what Speedcubing Event Organizing is for me. The adrenaline rush, meeting new people, creating new records, instilling memories and much more building character.

As you can see in the events which I helped organize, we highly observe discipline, honesty and  let's not forget fun. Speedcubing is not just a sport, it is not just a game it develops character and it develops a childs brain. It develops both side of the human brain. The right sidde and the left side which involves muscle memory and analysis.

In the next events that I will organize I will make sure that the experience is memorable. So I would like to invite you guys to come and join my next two events at Felcris Centrale.

"Mindanao Championships" - August 13-14, 2016
"The Next I am a Cuber Model" September 18, 2016

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