Huwebes, Hunyo 30, 2016

Events: A Salute to Local Cubers

June 30, 2016 - Speedcubing is a Sport. It is a Sport that develops both sides of the brain. The side for logic, memory and muscle coordination. The Rubik's Cube nowadays is not just a toy, it is not just a game it is a sport. If given the chance by the Department of Education, I would like to appeal that Speedcubing is added on the Official List of Sports in the Philippines.

The best part of an Official WCA Speedcubing Competition is that participants get to contend for the National Record or the World Record without going overseas just to battle with other Speedcubers.

In Mindanao, Philippines. I organize local Speedcubing Competitions both WCA Official and Unofficial. Results showed on the Competitions that I organized that any child can develop and excel in speedcubing. Which means, that even a bystander can develop his brain through Speedcubing.

I would like to recognize the following cubers who have reached the TOP TEN FASTEST CUBERS on their respective CATEGORIES in the Philippines.

Our very own local cubers:  Marlente Baloro Jr. Lester Doyugan Renz Alexander Lumban, John Lloyd Pillo, Zian Nichole Kiero Callao, Clark Dairo, Clyde Dencer Tutor, John Rey Famarato, Harold Cadungog, Jeremiah Paolo Bayanay and Georel Ulangkaya

Guys as of the moment I have nothing else to reward you, so I will commend you hoping that someone out there like me would recognize you skills.

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