Lunes, Hunyo 27, 2016

Services: More Brains than Budget

9 months ago, I started a company using my cellular phone. The company was called Davao Cube Market - it is an online shop for Speedcubes, and it was launched using facebook pages. I had my own smartphone then so, say a buyer from Davao City inquires about a cube I am immediately notified and I deliver the cube right on their door step.

The "Company" was just me "Richert Jay Pinca", and I had no experience in Speedcubing then or Speedcubes. Also, I was damn near broke - I started at zero capital. "It was life changing, I was organizing my first Speedcube Competition "Clash of Cubers" here in Davao City and we started at zero funding." There were already sellers at that time here in Davao City so to sell I really have to put up a lot of effort.

So, yes, Richert - me is one of those people. I made my first event successful and back then and I never paid for no marketing money. It was purely brains than budget. As I was checking out the next few Speedcubing events I organized it made me wonder. What has changed? Why am I paying money now for my new events? That made me realize. The difference was a big E. "Effort" yes that is the right word. Before I went to schools to promote our event, in the last few events I didn't.

I worked alone at that time, and right now I still am working sad to say alone. I forgot I am my own marketing company. So yes I am fully energized right now. I had a successful event yesterday. And now I am going for more.

"Experience" - in my next events I will take note that a "Cubers Event Experience" is memorable. Pressure and negativity has gotten unto me ad it gave me nothing. So today I am rubbing off all the negativity.

Again I would like to thank all of those who supported me. I don't have a smart phone so I will only be able to update once a week. Again many thanks to those who supported my event. I dedicate this write-up to my girlfriend and my son. happy cubing guys!

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