Miyerkules, Pebrero 6, 2019


I found a book on top of our office table. The book was owned by one of our writers, Henri. The book was titled How to PROSPER by Bo Sanchez. It teaches you how to overhaul your financial life with a new and powerful system.

I got curious and took it home....truth be told I was reading it on my way home from work. I started reading at 9:56 AM. The nerd side of me was captivated and it inspired me to read the book more and more. The book talked about this powerful system. The system is composed of five life-changing actions:

  • Believe: Prosper Your Mind, Prosper Your Money
  • Serve: Increase Your Income by Increasing Your Service
  • Grow: Grow Your Anointing, Grow Your Wealth
  • Duplicate: Duplicate Your Self, Duplicate Your Wealth
  • Invest: How to Be a Billionaire
I don't want to sound crazy but truth be told I am still having an adrenaline rush after reading the book while crossing the pedestrian lanes in Davao City. I strongly agree on several points mentioned in this book.

The book has triggered something inside me who wants to come out. I highly recommend reading this book. Thank you Sir Bo for this wonderful read. 

What is my anointing? I was anointed to have a few talents, I organize events, I create websites, I create eLearning, I play the rubiks cube and many more. As my way of sharing my blessings, I am willing to create a free website to the first 10 small scale businesses. This is my way of improving my skills and my way of serving others.

Please feel free to post a comment with the name of your company or email me at teachmetobeabillionaire@gmail.com .

May God bless to all those who share their blessings... Including you who read this article.


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