Linggo, Pebrero 24, 2019

EVENTS: Speedcubing as a PSC Sanctioned Sport

Many people criticised Senator Manny Pacquiao. He should've just stayed as a boxer  He is not a College graduate, He should not preach. The more I heard  and read about this criticisms against Manny, the more I looked up into him. Personally I am a fan of SMP, he is one  of the many personalities who is multi-skilled. Those critics just looked at the People's Champ past, little did they know that he is one of the senators who passed many legislations. Three of those he personally authored.

Philippine Sports Training Center – the first sports law in this administration
OFW Handbook Act
Increase in Monthly Old-Age Pension of Senior Veterans
Expanded Maternity Leave
Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development
Quantitative Import Restrictions on Rice
Universal Health Care Act
Philippine Identification System Act
Free Internet Access in Public Places
HIV and AIDS Policy Act
National Integrated Cancer Control Act

As an event organizer for  professional Speedcubing, I am hoping that Senator Manny Pacquiao would help us Speedcubers in our call to include Speedcubing on PSC's sanctioned sports in the country.

I hope that people would do more with less talk. And most importantly to think first, before they act.


Photo Credits to CNN

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